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With our combination of creativity, strategic thinking, and technical expertise, we deliver exceptional Shopify websites that grow revenue.


We're a passionate team committed to helping share your brand's story on Shopify. Our unique approach consistently delivers impactful results for our clients, fuelling their success stories.
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We've worked with a wide array of industries and always eager to explore and innovate in new business domains.
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We create brand value from strategy to perfect execution.

Our Services

We've streamlined our approach to client services, eliminating the need for intermediaries and ensuring direct communication between our clients and our team of senior experts.
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Strategy & CRO
We begin by building a comprehensive business roadmap through engaging UX workshops. Ensuring buy-in from key stakeholders, our process involves identifying issues and opportunities and challenging the norm for optimal results.
UX & UI Design
Our transformative design framework will increase your brands value. We take the time to understand your brand and current position in market, enabling us to create optimised experiences for your customers.
Shopify Development
Transforming designs into a seamless online experience, our developers meticulously bring your vision to life. With a commitment to 100% accuracy to approved designs, we prioritise code hygiene, ensuring optimal performance and usability for a flawless customer journey.
Platform Migration
Our team specialises in migrating eCommerce brands to Shopify Plus. We facilitate hassle-free transitions by planning and executing every step of the migration process (not just the easy bits). From data migration and platform customisations to ensuring seamless integration with Shopify's robust feature set.

What our clients say

"Bedford Lane took our existing headless Shopify website and elevated it to new heights. Their ability to seamlessly integrate with our strategy has been a game-changer in driving the performance of our site. We've partnered with Bedford Lane for over a year, and couldn't be more thrilled with their services. Their expertise and attention to detail has been amazing, and we highly recommend them to anyone looking to transform their online store."

Edin Zecevic
Marketing Manager, Calibre

"Working with Bedford Lane on the redesign of our kit website was an absolute pleasure. In an impressively short timeframe, they not only understood our needs but also collaborated seamlessly with us to optimize every aspect of the site. Their execution was flawless, delivering a website that exceeded our expectations in both functionality and aesthetics.

What truly sets Bedford Lane apart is their exceptional level of service and dedication to our vision. They were incredibly easy to work with, always responsive to our inquiries and feedback. They demonstrated a genuine commitment to going above and beyond, offering valuable insights and solutions every step of the way.

Thanks to Bedford Lane, we now have a website that not only showcases our products effectively but also enhances the overall user experience. Their professionalism, expertise, and genuine passion for what they do is evident in what they were able to achieve for us. We highly recommend Bedford Lane to anyone seeking a top-notch web design service."

Annie Hersham
Assistant Brand Manager, Kit:

"We have had a wonderful experience working with Alex and the Bedford Lane Team. They are smart, reliable and solutions oriented. Alex is a pleasure to work with, a fantastic communicator and understands the needs and complexities of the business. There has not been a problem they haven't been able to solve and always in a reasonable time frame. Bedford Lane feel like an extension of our team, always thinking about the short and long term goals. Would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a business-savvy web dev team that is easy to work with and delivers high quality results."

Peta Shulman
CEO, GoodnessMe

"Bedford Lane has been an absolute game-changer for our ecommerce business. Their expertise and dedication have transformed our online store, resulting in a significant boost in sales performance. We went from UX sessions to a full fledged Shopify Plus site in a matter of 9 weeks with UX and CRO of the site taken to new heights and seamlessly integrating with our strategy and day to day operations. Their ability to understand our goals and implement tailored solutions has been invaluable to our bottom line."

Justin Kestelman
Founder & Chief Comfort Officer, Hommey